Understanding Ghosts

This post is for those of you that already believe that there are ghosts because if you don’t then it would take up way too much time to debate and I would like to make a point for those that are at least on the same page as me. I believe that ghosts are people that are stuck between dimensions without their bodies. This means that they don’t have full capacity like we do, with functioning brains and they are not in the dimension where they are able to fully function as a spirit. I see them as handicapped. People are ultimately made of light after their body is gone. That light is vulnerable to harmful energy that can weigh them down and keep them stuck in between planes.

I can not stress enough that ghosts are people, like you and I, that have died. Usually ghosts are people that had untimely deaths, tragic endings and ultimately had some sort of trauma to get them stuck in between dimensions in the first place. Why do I need to stress this? Because I have found there are a few misconceptions that people have about ghosts and treat them callously.


There are people that use ghosts as amusement. They go to haunted houses to poke and prod essentially, handicapped people, similarly to what we did in the olden days with people that had severe deformities. They are not there to help cross the ghost. They do not care that the ghost was a person just like they are now. They don’t think, that possibly they may even end up in the same way the ghost is now. They see ghosts as a form of entertainment. They want to get scared and then they want to go home. Maybe they want to over exaggerate the experience so that they have a story to tell. To be fair, these people usually don’t believe in ghosts.


The other school of thought is the people that do believe in ghosts and want to keep them as invisible play things. Sometimes people will name them, as if the ghost is an eccentric pet. I hear often that they want to be there and are friendly and that there is a relationship between the ghost and person. Residents will be happy that there is an unexpected knock in the kitchen or something was pushed on the floor. That is like saying you are having a relationship with someone in the ICU, heavily sedated, not all there and in trauma.


Then there are the fear mongers – people that feel that they are evil spirits coming to attack them and replay every single scary movie that Hollywood has ever produced. Usually these people are religious or quickly go to religion as they are scared and think that yelling holy verses will solve the problem. They quote from the bible or throw holy water and it seems to them that it just makes the evil get stronger. They may try other techniques like smudging the house to no avail. They see ghosts as dark beings from another world.

In my experience, with very little exception, a ghost is not actually an evil spirit. I mentioned earlier that people are made of light and when their body is gone, they are vulnerable to harmful energy that can weigh them down. That harmful energy can also use the light to behave erratically, similar to a person on heavy drugs. Once the ghost is cleared of the harmful energy all of that “evil” behavior ends and the ghost can then be crossed easily. Crossing can never be done with fear.

As someone that works with energy, a ghost is just that. They aren’t something to be feared and it’s cruel to use them as play things. Let me remind you that we are all going to die. How or when is not certain, but we all are going, that is certain. If you see it from that perspective, then you may view the situation differently. If everyone is more proactive about crossing a spirit, then maybe if one day you are stuck, there will be a helping hand from this side.


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