Misconception of the Yin Yang


I have found limited words in our vocabulary to talk about energy. We use descriptions such as dark, light, lower and higher vibrational, as well as harmful energy. There is a lot of judgment around energy as well.

Lower vibrational is bad, higher vibrational is good. Dark energy is harmful and light energy is god-like. So if you have those generalizations in your thoughts then when seeing the Yin-Yang, the black parts must be “bad” and the white parts must be “good”. This would formulate the idea that we need both to be balanced.

Here is my understanding in simple terms. Lower vibrational energy is energy that is dense. Dense is not always bad and depends on the context. Our earth is lower vibrational. To live in our physical form and connect to our greatest good, we need both. If our focus is in the constant desire to raise our vibrations and connect to the light, then we are dismissing our earthly needs. If we focus on the physical only and dismiss a connection to the light, then we are neglecting our soul.

When we talk about emotions, there should be no judgment. Emotions are natural and are necessary. What we do with the emotions is where judgment comes to play. Having emotions are not dark or bad, it is just part of the human experience.

What get’s confusing is the different vibrational energies found in the higher frequencies. Thoughts and feelings create energy that we don’t see because it is higher vibrational. Emotions like sadness, hate and fear are denser than love, peace and happiness. If the denser emotions are in the body for long periods of time, they begin to wear down the person. This may cause sickness or unhealthy coping mechanisms. This is the lower vibrational energy that needs to be cleared.

Harmful energy is a lower vibrational energy that has a life of its own. It can be seen as a demon, it can be felt as a block or sickness. The interesting thing about harmful energy is that it can’t live without light. It has no power but that of which we give it, as we are the ones who created it. So “darker” energy needs to have light but our spirits do not need that “darker” energy and is actually a detriment.

If we can apply this philosophy to our lives, we may understand more and more about the role judgment plays and how judgment and energy applies to us and how our thoughts create our reality.

Let’s talk about the human experience on earth. We are born and then grow physically and mentally, learn to take care of our body and mind, experience life including connecting more with ourselves and others. This in turn helps us learn and grow in a more complex way, and then we die. If life just had us as a witness to the birth, growth and death of another, the lessons would be complete for our growth. It is not necessary to have the evil that some of you think we need. There is no true purpose to learn from “bad” and grow from abuse or mistreatment. I have heard throughout my life that we need the “bad” to have the “good”. I disagree. We only need the balance between the true meaning of dark and light to survive, learn and grow in a harmonious way on earth.

What is lost in the translation of the Yin-Yang is the balance between body – “earth” and soul -“heaven”. It is not about “good” and “bad” or “dark” in the context of harmful energy or evil. There is light without dark. There is no dark without light.


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