Spiritual Attachments

While working with clients this week, I’ve noticed that many don’t understand what a spiritual attachment is and the how and why of releasing it.

There are two types of spiritual attachments that I’ve experienced as of late. One is the attachment of their own harmful/outdated defense mechanism that causes a block in their growth and the other is an attachment to an entity/ghost that is connected to them.

In a previous post, I spoke about emotions that have a lower vibrational quality to them. The emotions are necessary and are a product of an experience. Let’s say there is a person who grows up in a violent household. With violence one may have reoccurring feelings of instability, fear, anger, sadness, shame and hate to name a few. These lower vibrational energies will form into a defense mechanism for the person to survive. There are several different outcomes that can arise. One I would like to use the example of is the person internalizing the violence and the reoccurring feelings, leading to a reserve of rage and the inability to trust others. I have had clients with this experience that don’t want to let go of the rage reserve or the trust issues. This may seem odd but let’s dig deeper.

What good can rage be? If someone is trying to harm you, you can pull out your rage and scare them off. Rage can be used to create action against another who is harming you whether in a business deal or physically. Rage can be addictive just like alcohol and can be used as a weapon for protection. People that are holding on to rage do not see that it is an unhealthy attachment. If I feel there is deep-seated anger issues and ask the client if they are ready to let go of it, there is fear. They may ask if they will still be able to protect themselves if someone is doing wrong to them. What will happen if there is no more rage to fall back on in times of crisis?

That question of wanting to know what to do in times of crisis tells us a lot. If you grow up in a space where there is constant crisis, then that is what will be subconsciously sought after. It forms the familiar pattern of having crisis and then having the defense mechanism to deal with the crisis. It may sound simple to want to let go of the anger and rage but if it’s something you lived with your whole life, how do you trust that it will be okay with out it? What do you replace the rage with?

You may have heard that like energy is attracted to each other. So not only do you attract crisis because it’s a familiar pattern, but the energy of crisis is attracted to you. When there is a block of rage, it’s like having blinders on. Also anger is easily amplified because the energy is already there to compound it.

Removing deep-seated attachments can take more than one session. Once the client states that they would like to remove the anger, then higher vibrational energy is pushed in to replace the energy that is no longer serving the person. When that happens a shift happens. The crisis situations may not come up as much. The person’s perspective opens up and can see a different view that wasn’t available before. The person may get angry but because the rage block has been removed, it’s not as big of a feeling. The person may be able to recognize in other people what they once had and steer clear of explosive people and/or situations.

The attachments to a ghost or entity have been an interesting experience. In a previous blog, I have written about understanding ghosts. To someone sensitive to energy, feeling a ghost may be easier to sense than feeling a spirit that has crossed over. This is because a ghost has attachments that are holding it down and those attachments are of a heavier vibrational quality. When a loved one has passed, a person may not want them to cross because they don’t want to feel less of them or they’re afraid that they will lose communication with them. It is important to understand that being proactive in releasing a ghost helps the healing process for all and gives the opportunity for a healthier relationship with death and communication with the spirit.

The people I have met that struggle with letting go of an entity are ones that desire to have mystical powers or psychic abilities. They claim that by allowing an entity to use their energy, they are granted things or given abilities. The two words that come to mind in this situation is – healthy boundaries. I have never witnessed a situation where it is okay to suck off someone’s essence of life. This goes for family, friends, strangers, ghosts, entities, etc. There is never a situation where we should be living as a host or a slave to another. It is not healthy to depend on another energy, living or dead, to make us special, give us strength or the illusion of power.

Letting go is one of the hardest and profound actions a person will experience. It can cause anxiety and fear of the unknown but I have yet to meet someone that has not come out from the experience a better version of themselves, stronger and wiser.


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