Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid AKA Celery Juice

Wouldn’t it be great if someone said they were an expert and that they knew just what you needed to get rid of all your health problems? Welcome to the incredibly misguided fad of celery juice.

I understand why this has happened. We live in a demanding society with little time to allocate for our own well-being. A nourishing drink before the gym or a green juice at lunch break may be all that one can squeeze in between responsibilities. The percentage of time that we get to enjoy for the sake of heart’s fulfillment is small.

This creates a foundation for unhealthy habits for our mind and body. It creates the desire for a quick fix and little research on the long-term solution that make sense. There is a need for balance. Unfortunately, the most balance people get is the word “balanced” written in large font on their products that promises much more than it will produce. How many of us really know what our bodies need for its optimal health? How many of those people are in a place where they can implement it?

Celery juice has vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Do you know what else has vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants? Almost every fruit and vegetable. Flavonoids are the reason for most fruits and vegetables’ vibrant and deep colors. They are anti-inflammatory, encourage normal immune response and help regulate many systems in our body, depending on which group of flavonoids we are discussing. The subject of flavonoids can be so vast and complex that I actually took a 3-hour course at an herbal confluence and still can learn so much more. If you want to know details about how flavonoids work with the body, I suggest you take a course as well that is based on the science of plants. If you do not have the time as I prefaced that we all don’t have, then just eat a variety of deep colored fruits and vegetables.

Celery juice has a high-water content. As most of us do not drink the “8×8 rule” of 2 liters of water a day to be hydrated, drinking 16oz of celery juice will definitely help. Cucumbers, green peppers, lettuce and leafy greens are all other vegetables that have similar water content as celery. Celery juice does not corner the market on vegetable water content.

Celery juice is not better than eating celery. Eliminating the fiber of the plant reduces the digestive benefits. In actuality, drinking even 8oz of celery juice can cause more issues with your gastrointestinal health than help reduce them. According to the FODMAP diet that many with IBS and other GI disorders follow, they suggest less than 5cm of celery stalk in a meal.

The theory being spread by some health advocates that celery juice has the ability to eradicate chronic illness, autoimmune disease and cancer is irresponsible. I can say that if you eat a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and vegetables overall, it will play a factor in creating an environment that is not conducive for illness. It is also irresponsible to tell people that if they are feeling a lot of pain and discomfort, it is because drinking celery juice is killing off what doesn’t belong and to continue the regimen. It gives the sense that the body doesn’t have various systems that have specific pathways to eliminate what doesn’t belong already. It also teaches us to not listen to our bodies’ alerts. Pain is a way for our body to let us know something is wrong and to investigate further. If drinking celery juice is causing a lot of pain, it could be that it is too hard on your digestive system. If you feel that you have taxed your body by ingesting things that aren’t in your best interest, the kinder way to treat yourself would be to take herbs and eat food that help support the systems that you already have doing the job. For example, I love activated Turmeric and Reishi mushroom to stabilize my immune system. It can be taken in many forms, such as pill or tincture or incorporated in food. One way to get the benefits through food is in yellow curry for Turmeric and using powdered Reishi in soup. Do not use Turmeric tea because it has no sustenance to our system. Water alone is unable to pull out the constituents of Turmeric that are valuable to our bodies.

There may be some of you that are reading this and thinking that celery juice has helped you tremendously and that you feel a million times better. Wonderful. One size does not fit all. Do not construct habits for habits’ sake. Understand why it works for you. Do not allow your health to rely on self-proclaimed gurus with a lot of views on social media.

The most important factor is the ability to become a better advocate for your body. My hope for you would be to try and make room for yourself, to have time in your day to have that full balanced meal, a moment to yourself without stress. Your goal should be to create mindfulness to get to know your body. The more this becomes a priority, the better your health will become.


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