Dream Series


Dream Series is inspired by recent clients that needed help sleeping but all requested different needs.  I have carefully blended each of these teas to create a loving environment for different stages of sleep.

  • Beauty Rest is when we want to rest but not go in too deep. It is more sweet and floral and includes Chamomile to help calm.
  • Sacred Dream will help one relax and go in a dream state. It has more of a savory and spice flavor that awakens the senses but calms the mind.
  • Deep Slumber is for when we  want to have a deep sleep. It is more of an earthy flavor that includes Poppy to help us sleep.

*All herbal teas do not have caffeine and are Reiki-infused and made with Love.


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Dream Series includes three tins with three different types of loose leaf tea. A teaspoon of the herbal blend for a cup is all that is needed.

A total weight of 1oz of tea that makes about 21 cups of tea.

Additional information

Weight .26 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in


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