Warrior Tea


*The Warrior*

The Warrior tea blend is hand crafted and set with the intention for grounding, protection and mindful action.
The herbs were carefully chosen to help the spirit connect to the earth and feel the strength and mindset of a warrior.
All teas are blessed and infused with Reiki.

Angelica Root
Bilberry Leaf
All Spice
Yucca Root

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Included in the package is:
Р1 re-usable muslin tea bag with tea  inside.
– instructions to best brew
– information on intention set
– meditation that can be done with the tea
– ingredients list

The tea can be left in the muslin bag and makes a strong quart of tea or take a teaspoon of the mix out of the bag for 6 separate cups of tea.
If using the muslin bag for a strong tea, it is suggested to have a quart mason jar to steep the tea in.
The tea can be brewed to drink hot or cold.

*Herbal tea is caffeine free


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Dimensions 5 × 5 × .5 in


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