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My intention is to be a part of the greater good for myself & others.

Energy, empathy, creativity, music, art, community, are all themes that have been consistent throughout my life. I am influenced by my east coast upbringing in NY. My first mentor was my grandfather, Raymond J. Flores. He gave me a small glimpse of our rich culture of native and Xicano lineage as well as some teachings of a curandero. I have attended Stevenson Art Academy and Parsons School of Design. Being passionate about art has instigated the love of creating. My religion has always been music and am not only an avid fan but play in bands since living in Los Angeles.

I have completed magical and medicinal herbal apprenticeships and am attuned to Reiki master because I believe in the balance of the physical and spiritual. My studies allow me to wisely formulate products that are multi-dimensional. They not only serve a physical purpose but also help open the imagination to create peaceful and magical atmospheres. This is why I infuse my wares with Reiki and compose meditations with my herbal blends. You can find more information on my Shop page or by an appointment with me.

My empathic abilities have connected me with many who are in emotional pain. I like to be a guide for those that want to connect with their own intuition and inner wisdom. My focus is also to help the healing process for those that suffer from chronic stress disorder, addiction and grief. My education in herbalism stems from an interest in the ways herbs affect the nervous system and grieving heart. Time and healing with my own experiences have given me a unique and non-judgmental practice about human suffering. The culmination of the higher and lower vibrations of my life led me here. 

Below are the places where I received knowledge that continue to be beneficial and influence my practice:

Meditation as a Dharma Punx 

Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation

Heart Energy Work with Vanessa Clayton 

Heart Evolver

Master Reiki Certification with Jayson Rivest 

Phoenix Flame & Brigit’s Well

Magical Wisdom with Renée Starr  

Goddess Priest Witch

Herbalist Apprenticeship Program with Julie James 

Green Wisdom Herbal Studies

Herbalist Apprenticeship with Howie Brounstein 

Columbines School of Botanical Studies

***Magical Classes with Various Teachers***

The Crooked Path