I offer herbal protocols and intuitive energy work. My services are catered to the client’s intention for the session and it is required to have a consultation beforehand so that we can create the best experience. If we are doing a Reiki session, I will connect to the person’s energy and use my empathic abilities. We discuss what energetic areas are calling out to me and then work on an intention for the session. Besides Reiki, a session may include guided meditation, connecting to higher beings, grounding techniques, chakra stones, healing tools, and herbal remedies. 

Herbal Tea Blends

I am an herbalist. My love of tea and energy work has compelled me to create my own herbal blends. I can create a custom blend to meet your needs. I also have a line of Reiki-infused teas with intentions. All herbs that I use are non-gmo, pesticide free, ethically sourced and blended with a lot of care and love. Please take a look on my shop page or contact me for more information. 

 Intuitive Reiki

How I understand Reiki is that it’s universal energy that channels through me and comes out from my hands. It makes my hands hot and usually people feel that. Reiki is something that anyone can get attuned to and is a Japanese technique.
The Reiki energy connects to the body and helps break up energy blocks within the person that can be physical or emotional. It also instigates the body to start the  healing process. The worst thing that can happen is that the person receiving Reiki feels relaxed or a headache is relieved, the best thing that can happen is that an energy block is removed for good.
Reiki sessions are unique because of my interaction with the client during our time together. I am able to feel the blocks and describe what they are or where they come from. It is preferred for the client to be aware of what is occurring and talk about what is being felt. The confirmations and understanding are more empowering to the person receiving energy work. Acknowledging and honoring the spaces that need attention is healing. I’ve realized that the more connected someone is to what I’m doing, the more action is implemented. It helps create something new, instead of falling into the pattern that may have caused static energy.

 Energy Clearing

I can also clear energy lines that are connected with the individual, whether people, places or things. This includes someone’s personal space or home, relationships, spirits and situations that need light shed on them. If there is a situation that feels manipulated or disjointed, it may benefit from a clearing. When doing a situational clearing, we focus on the specifics of the situation and identify the lower vibrational energy that needs to be cleared. Once the lower vibrational energy is removed, there is opportunity for the greatest good to occur. Clearing lower vibrational energy also helps earthbound spirits the opportunity to cross. These type of sessions can be done remotely as well.


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