“Wow ! It been 2 hours since I left my Reiki session with Mia and I feel so much calmer than I did when I first arrived. I recently quit drinking, stopped smoking weed 2 days ago and a new life event has me ridden with anxiety fear and crying. She was able to tap in with her warm hands to my blocked areas and could feel all the pain inside me and the origin of it. She was also kind enough to give me one of her healing teas to help heal my broken and distressed heart. As she talked me through the session and I answered back – it helped give her more clues to where my pain was coming from… unfortunately – it wasn’t back pain… . The session also tapped into the block of my creativity and my inner warrior that has been laying dormant … I tried to explain that my inner warrior only comes out when I drink tequila and whiskey on an empty stomach but she assures me we can get her back out running the streets sober. If anyone is going through confusion or anxiety or even depression  – please do yourself the favor and go see her. She’s the real deal – an intuitive gifted soul that is a blessing doing what she does best – helping people to heal from pain and be able to love themselves again. If you’re reading this and have been having a difficult time in your life – give her a call. You’ll feel better that you did 😉  
If you’re reading this Mia – thank you so so so much !
I’m about to brew my Heal Tea   and let me know when we can do another session ! I’m your new customer for life !
And the place is sooo awesome ! Her space is set up very comfortably… as soon as you walk in, you can smell the inviting scents of aromatherapy and a nice comfortable chair that leans back while she works on you. Good parking right on Lankershim in front of the shop.”

Tania E. 

“If you’re looking for some healing you have come to the right place. Mia is the real deal, no phony business here. I saw her for some Reiki healing during a difficult time and she was very warm and helpful. I have also tried here handmade teas that really work! I was feeling that my inner warrior energy was low, so I tried Mia’s Warrior Tea. The tea comes along with meditation instructions that assisted me in getting back in touch with my inner warrior. I know I have the strength of a warrior but sometimes that energy gets low. I drank the tea prior to going for a much needed workout and really felt it while running the the track, it was an empowering experience.  Thanks Mia!!! XO”

Misses M.

“Mia is an amazingly intuitive healer. I have had a couple remote Reiki sessions with her where she picked up on things that I was even unaware of. The first one had to do with something that was going on in my relationship. I said nothing to my partner about it at the time, but a few days later he stopped doing this thing that was troubling me (unbeknownst to me!) kind of like magic! She is able to tune into problem areas energetically and get to the root of the problem. She is very non-judgmental and seems to enjoy helping people be the best they can be. I highly recommend working with her.”

Wendy G.

“Mia is a profoundly loving soul who generously opens herself up to feel herself what you are feeling, without needing much if any guidance. This is extremely helpful when you are shy about talking about how you feel (like me) or when you can’t talk at all (like my pup). No worries! She goes right to the source of the problem and reveals it to you as she works to absorb and release it.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this experience at first, as I’m not a very emotionally available person, but Mia is gently helping me chip away at my shell.  thank you Mia!”

Andrea C. 

“Just got my chakras realigned, my third eye nice and cleaned up from a lot (A LOT!) of messy stuff. You enter this cute little place full of anxiety and leave it walking on clouds, and all it takes is one hour with this beautiful and awesome human being, Mia, that has energy coming out of her hands that is stronger than Hulk’s. We’re good friends (or I like to think that we are!), so we talk about a lot of stuff, but me being me, I can sometimes be extremely guarded so there’s a lot of feelings that I don’t discuss, and it’s totally not an invasion of privacy by any means, but the moment you sit down on that (surprisingly comfortable) chair, Mia starts reading you like an open book. That sh**ty thing that happened to you 25 years ago that you never really thought about since it happened, yep, that’s making a special appearance back in your life right now, she’s digging it out and clearing it out of you! It was like an energy massage combined with a shower that I suspected that I needed to take but now that it happened I totally feel refreshed.”

Mariana F. 

“Before coming across Mia I had experienced energy clearing placed on me by others ; but none as effective and transformative as my time with her. I’ve had the pleasure of being touched by her “hot hands” twice. She was able to surface past experiences for me that needed to be released. Since my time with her im able to focus more on these areas and improve my overall way of living. She has a beautiful and welcoming essence and it is clear her sole intention is to help those around her.”

Yadira R.